Too hot to play golf

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Have fun

It is definitely an interesting topic as I play, live, and enjoy playing golf in Arizona.  The only issue I find is…it is just too hot in the summer!  I thoroughly enjoy being a snowbird and when I leave the beautiful state in the hellish months of June-September I miss my game.  That is why I took to the awesome sport Cross Golf.  Come on, if you can’t already tell I made a website around this sport and it is awesome. That being said again, I have come to know how to play this sport all over the beautiful countryside of the United States, from Seattle Washington, to Helena Montana, the cool of the Northern states affords me the pleasure of golfing year round.  So my encouragement to you today?  Get out and golf! Too hot where you live? Almost anyone in the U.S. is just a few hours away from cooler weather.  So what are you waiting for?  Call your college buddies up and make a road trip with some beers and some clubs and get your cross golf game on!


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