How to play Cross Golf

Urban Golf (or Cross Golf) is the new coolest game around. It takes everything great about golf and eliminates all the lame aspects. Like what college kids can regularly afford green fees? Or maybe you live too far from one? Or what about the environment? Isn’t it annoying to see precious land turned into a golf course. Or tired of the stuck up type atmosphere that goes along with golf. Polo shirts? Please.
Time to have some fun in the city. Urban golf is the answer you’re looking for. It’s a game of golf unrestricted by the usual rules of golf, and the best part is you can play it anywhere there is free space (and…hopefully not too many people around….that could be dangerous!)

So here are the 8 simple steps to getting your game on. We’ll cover the first 4 in this post and then the next 4 in the following post.

Step 1:

The rules for Urban Golf are there are NO rules! (Oh wait…maybe that was Fight Club 😉 ) But seriously, the rules for urban golf aren’t like they are set in stone and you can certainly modify them as you wish.

But I would say there are a few that are “Golden” and you should follow these:
Show some respect – Don’t play where it harms people (or their land/property). Don’t get yourself in a position where the cops are called or your asked to move away by residents or police. Don’t ruin it for those who want to play it right!
There’s no trophy – It’s not about being competitive! Go play real golf if you need that kind of pressure! If it becomes super competitive then your not playing urban golf!
Make it fun! Don’t be a control freak – No one’s in charge who insists how the game is to be played. Everyone should have a say in the way the game goes.

Step 2:

Gather Supplies!
Nothing out of the ordinary–don’t over think this step. Get a backpack or just carry your club. If you have a golf caddy fine but not essential! You’ll need:
A golf club. A cheap “Wal-Mart” club or goodwill club will do. As long as you can hit the ball with it, it’s good enough for urban golf!
A few balls. Believe it or not, racket balls or tennis balls are the most effective and traditional for urban golf (and should they hit something, in an urban setting, they’ll do a lot less damage than a real golf ball).
If you are a better player (or just really want to), there are off-course golf balls and they won’t break windows or dent cars that are new to the game. Callaway makes a mediocre one, but the best is an almost golf ball. They fly true and out perform racket balls and tennis balls. TIP: Mark your ball so you know which is yours! Have a few extras, in case some end up down a drain pipe or somewhere else you can’t retrieve them from. It’s a good idea to have at least three balls per player.
Make or download a scorecard. To keep scores, either write down the scores as you go on a piece of paper, or use a prepared score sheet. Each player is responsible for keeping a tally of his or her scores; or, ask a player good with numbers to keep the tally. Just be honest! If you are feeling competitive re-read step 1!
Pack snacks and drinks. What’s a fun get together without drinks and food?

Step 3:

Get the players together.
Small is better, 10-12 players or less. Large groups become hard to manage, slow down the progress of the game, and can attract negative attention if things get too rowdy or out of hand. Although I should say it is nice to have a few spectators who watch and carry the bags! As long as everyone has fun and it doesn’t get out of hand, spectators are fine!

Step 4:

This is my favorite part! As I drive around I’m always keeping in mind good places I see. Alleys, streets in an industrial section of town, the green areas of a city park, anywhere can be game! Just remember to make sure the area is not too crowded when you want to play; the tradition is to try to avoid most residential areas unless your play won’t annoy residents.
Industrial or business areas can be great on weekends when the workers aren’t around and the place is deserted.

(Special thanks to for inspiration to the article. Further special thanks goes to Derek Abello he normally is too busy to golf because he runs a Scottsdale SEO company, but he finally managed to join us for a game and even brought the beer. Didn’t I mention that in step 2? Gathering supplies? Beer is optional but some say it improves their swing!)


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